Want to know a bit about me and my blog?

Cooking has been my hobby for a few years now, and as with most of my hobbies (dancing, DIY, science) I'm not exactly proficient at it. Some time ago I realised that hobbies shouldn't be about a natural talent or being the best of the best, but about doing something that you enjoy and trying to get better and better, no matter how many times you burn down the kitchen. It might, for example, seem from this blog like I'm a good cook, or even like I know what I'm doing :) Well, let me reassure you that neither is the case. Probably 1 in every 10 dinners I make is actually edible. But that one dinner that does work out gives me the biggest satisfaction, and the remaining 9 are a valuable lesson which I get to share with you. And I always have fun making an almighty mess in the house. :)  I love cooking, I love trying out new funny recipes and generally playing with food, and I intend on doing it until they lock me up for poisoning someone.

In case you haven't noticed (cough...), my biggest idol and inspiration is Heston Blumenthal, but actually quite a few recipes on this blog have been stolen from either my sister, my mum or my fiancĂ©e. I try to make them “my own” by adding a few improvements, some of which have ended up in quite memorable disasters. I also sometimes try to re-create dishes I tried in restaurants, and sometimes the result is a resounding success, while other times I end up coming up with a brilliant new recipe for glue. Either way, it’s all about experimenting!

I've also added a DIY section recently, with my favourite arts and crafts ideas, most of which were a fruit of the creative phase of my ADHD. That’s why most of them are not complete yet, but I'll do my best to keep my focus for long enough to finish some of them off and upload a couple of posts :) ...OMG A SQUIRREL! What was I talking about?

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